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The Need for a Family Getaway

October 11th 2013 14:52
My father's company is planning an out-of-town getaway. He is eager to join, however, I found out that the cost of their trip which is coursed through a travel agency is almost double than when we would reserve and arrange the outing ourselves. I understand that he wants to join the trip but since our family is planning an out-of-town family vacation too, we asked him if he is willing to join the family getaway we've been planning instead. In that way, he can save the expenses that he would spend for the company trip and use it instead for our family trip. Thankfully, he is more interested with the family getaway that we're planning.

All of us work year round and it is important to have that vacation from time to time. For the whole year, we can't spend much time with our family because we always prioritize our work. We forget to spend that quality time with our family and work consumes all the time we have. It is important to have family get together at times and during these times, we can bond with everyone and also discuss whatever every member of the family is up to. What they have been busy these days, what their problems are as well as the plans they have for the future. At first, we would hesitate because of the cost but after the vacation, we will always realize that it's really worth it.

Exploring Mexican Restaurants

July 15th 2013 14:41
Whenever I get to visit new places, one of the things that I make sure to check and try are the specialties in their Mexican restaurants. I want to try their version of my favorite foods like enchiladas, their special tacos, fajitas, nachos with pico de gallo or queso cheese sauce, guacamole and many more. Mexican foods have been my favorite and every time I imagine them, my mouth waters lol.

If you happen to visit Dallas or Frisco in Texas, you can try the special mexican foods at Mattitos. Their delicious and superb dishes would surely make you relaxed and contented. It is always best to pamper ourselves from time to time and a wonderful mexican treat would be perfect. You can also check their website at

You would surely love Mattito's special margarita. The place is usually full and surely would give you a great time most especially if you pair your margarita with their Bob Arstrong queso, which is a quezo with all the goods things that comes with it that would surely satisfy your palate.

So, while travelling or on a vacation and you are looking for a great place to dine in. A mexican restaurant would be a perfect choice.


Whether one is looking for car, van, SUV, bus or limo service in New York, Dial 7 is here to help. As the Tri-State area’s best and most trusted transportation service provider, the company has the personnel and equipment needed to guarantee a safe, efficient ride for all clients.

By providing Tri-State travelers with unparalleled service, comfort and affordability, Dial 7 continues to amass a multitude of loyal clients. Over the years, these clients have allowed the company to move from a tiny Manhattan storefront to an expansive 17,500 square foot Long Island location.

When Dial 7 was first established in 1977, the company consisted of ten drivers and one dispatcher communicating through a radio-dispatching system. Today, Dial 7 maintains a fleet of more than 600 vehicles, which operate through the benefit of a state-of-the-art automated dispatching and call distribution system.

To keep the company’s transportation services flowing smoothly, Dial 7 continuously upgrades its fleet, while also conducting regular inspections on every single vehicle.

A key component of Dial 7’s success is its drivers. Each Dial 7 driver has been licensed through the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission and has completed hours of driver training. Taught to be both courteous and professional, these drivers are some of the most experienced in the entire U.S. transportation industry.

Consistently finding new ways to service its clients, Dial 7 stands as the leading New York transportation services provider.

All of us want to have our party to be the best. Many days before the event, we get so busy preparing for it. We do everything that we can to prepare and meet the requirements we have set for ourselves and to meet the expectations of our guests. Preparing for that very special event surely needs a lot of energy and wise budgeting.

Another way to spend our party is by spending it on the road or hiring an elegant limousine and luxury sedan service to make it more unique than any of our previous events. It maybe a bit expensive to some people however, if we come to think of it, its still the same story as when we need to rent a venue for our party

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Italy is a very beautiful country. It has the mix of both sophistication and a relaxed atmosphere. The charming scenery, the rich and historical cities and the warmth and charm of its people makes every tourist want to go back to Italy all the time. Italy holidays would be a perfect summer vacation getaway or a honeymoon destination for you.

Enjoy a romantic ride with the love of your life along the Canals of Venice. Experience that very memorable and lasting moment with your special someone. The waterways and bridges would even make your experience even more amazing

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One of the most beautiful tourist spots in the Philippines are the chocolate hills. One would be amazed by its beauty. You would surely crave for chocolates when you see these mouth-watering attraction before you.

The chocolate hills consist of 1268 hills. They all look identical in shape and mostly are up to 30 to 50 meters high. The hills are all covered with grass and turns into chocolate brown at the end of the dry season. This is the reason why this group of hills is called chocolate hills

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If you are going on a family ski holiday for the first time then you will want to choose a resort which is good for children and families, therefore below are some tips for selecting the best ski resort for your family.

What to Look for in Resorts
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10 Exotic Locations in Thailand

March 9th 2012 18:25
If you are looking into Phuket holidays in Thailand, you will want to know the ten best places to go. Compiling a list can help you choose between them on any Phuket holidays you go on, or give you a to do list so you can visit as many things as possible.

Number one on the list is simply Bangkok – with a huge number of different places to go and see, the overall culture is truly something to behold, and something which you can only truly appreciate when you have been there. Many people fall in love instantly with the place, so join these ranks and experience it first-hand

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5 Places to Visit in Thailand

February 20th 2012 15:52
Thailand: A Destination for Splendor and Adventure

To help travelers planning Thailand tours, here are five of the country’s most amazing places to visit

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Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels in Vanuatu

February 16th 2012 16:08
Vanuatu - a tiny island on the eastern edge of the tropical Pacific Ocean. Easily accessible by flight from Australia, Fiji, or New Zealand, this tropical island is a paradise unadulterated by much of the island tourism that has taken over the rest of the world. Vanuatu has a friendly pro-Western population of locals, who are eager to make sure that your stay is as enjoyable as can be. You can choose to stay at some of these most expensive hotels and resorts with Vanuatu holiday packages, and thanks to the exchange rate, while they are the most expensive on the island, they are relatively affordable compared to other island luxury hotels.

1. Casa De Mar, Port Vila
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